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SOLIPSISM (Book Trailer)

Solipsism Ricardo thinks that he is the center of the universe, the cause and the effect of everything that lives on planet earth.

VINILO (Muy Pronto)

Philosophical Interpretations of this Hallucination: Satanic Ritual Performed at the NFL Half-Time Show

The Forbidden Novel (Book Trailer)

The Forbidden Novel The fascist regime of a country banned a novel.

The Archons (Book Trailer)

THE ARCHONS Is the year the nations of the world imposed a tax on breathing as a measure against climate change.

Mr. TV, Please Let Me OUT! (Book Trailer)

A normal guy struggles with his own TV for the control of his thoughts. He loses.

La Corporación (Book Trailer)

La Corporación (Book Trailer)

The Greys (Book Trailer)

Here comes The Greys! "The Greys" The journey across Australia of a young couple becomes on a nightmar.

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