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a dragon fly sitting on top of a green leaf
287. by Bullter on DeviantArt
an insect with long legs and antennae on it's back end, standing in front of
Hammatostylus gronovii Schoenherr, 1836 - ACCUEIL
a blue dragonfly sitting on top of a green leaf
Photo *** by sylvia lilova
a blue dragonfly sitting on top of a plant with it's wings open
a close up of a praying mantissa on a plant
European mantis by lisans on DeviantArt
a drawing of a large insect sitting on top of a white surface with brown and black markings
Leggi argomento - Bernard Durin (1940-1988)
Cicada illustration by Bernard Durin (French, 1940–1988)
a green beetle with long horns on it's back
CIENCIA Archives - Quo
Se los conoce como escarabaos joya por sus colores irriscidentes
an insect with orange and black stripes on its body, sitting in the dark background
Enormous images of tiny insects, each made from around 8,000 individual photos. Gallery: