Julio Cesar 'Jules' Rodriguez

Julio Cesar 'Jules' Rodriguez

Bogotá, Colombia / Christian. Guitarrist, Composer, Software Engineer. Java Developer, Gamer. Love creativity and excellence.
Julio Cesar 'Jules' Rodriguez
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You Don't F**k with Alfred!

Don't mess with Alfred.did Alfred Pennyworth (an elderly HUMAN) just kick SUPERMAN's butt?<<<Alfred Pennyworth could kick anyone's butt.

"Cast forth the lightning and scatter them; send out your arrows and destroy them!"

Psalms "Release your lightning bolts and scatter your enemies! Release your arrows and confuse them!" And later in that passage, it says "Deliver me from the hand of the aliens. Avengers fandom and Christianity CAN go hand in hand.

Spidey Costume Evolution

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has had his share of costume changes over the years. Here are 24 of his classic outfits. Amazing history of the Spider-Man