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a video demonstrating how to make valentine's day cards with watercolors and crayons
Mana on Instagram: "Happy Sunday to everyone! Here is my cookie cutter painting tutorial ! This is a very simple and easy watercolor painting! Great for Valentine’s Day card! 🥰💘 🎨What you need -Watercolor paint -Watercolor paper ( I measured 4x4 and there was extra space for the masking tape) -Masking tape or wash tape -cookie cutter (plastic one works better for me) -paper towel -clean water 1: Dip the cookie cutter in the paint and stamp it on the paper 💡If you get too much paint on the cutter, use paper towel or brush to take extra paint off! If you couldn’t stamp well, you might need to add more paint 🎨 and make sure you mix with water really well! 💡Practice stamping on the scrap paper and see how your cookie cutter works on the paper!! 2:Rinse your brush and apply very li
Stempel-Trick: Bunte Weihnachtskugeln
Diesmal seid ihr gefragt: Was soll ich in die Mitte der bunten Weihnachtskugeln schreiben!? 🎄