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todo un éxito en pinterest que no podemos evitar volver a destacar, genial su equilibrio de formas y volumen.

I LOVE this IDEA .Madison "Arara Nomade" by Oboio Design Studio. Provides the Tools to ~ Organize Your Wardrobe in a Compact Case. Designing the parts to assemble without the use of tools.

lamparas con troncos naturales

Build a thicker wood base with carvings or assymetrical cuts or larger to thinner cuts then finish on top with branches (can use my white branch Lampa-paravan Ramas Marron - Vivre

Las artesanías son simples, increíblemente hermosa e ingeniosa al mismo tiempo. Comenzar a aparecer en esas ventas de garaje, buscar su…

DIY vintage trunk to rolling bar project. The idea of cutting up vintage luggage for crafts irks me almost as much as the idea of cutting up vintage books for crafts. However, this is amazing and I'm not doing anything with those trunks anyway.