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Galería de Casa Tabique / TAC Taller de Arquitectura Contextual - 16

Galería de Casa Tabique / TAC Taller de Arquitectura Contextual - 16

Black & white

It's been announced the results of the 2014 Wildlife photographer of the Year at the London’s Natural History Museum and the winner is Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols (USA) with a picture of 5 female lions resting at Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

Noche.. Y sol

Dusk is a busy time for the Vumbi pride. As the moon rises, the lionesses rouse themselves from their afternoon naps, tussle in the grass, and set out on the evening hunt. Nichols made this photo using natural light; soon after, he switched to infrared.


In a remote corner of the Serengeti, the “Vumbi” (dust) lion pride battles high heat, shortages of food and water and a dangerous rival coalition in its struggle to survive.


A female wrangles her infant cubs. During the first few weeks, when they're too young for the competitive jumble among older cubs in the pride and so vulnerable to predators, she keeps them hidden away in a den. But these will soon join the group.


The Serengeti Lion is a multimedia series by photographer Michael "Nick" Nichols and videographer Nathan Williamson that captures the Vumbi pride

Lions.. Rugido

Dry season is hard on everyone. Vumbi females, stressed and fiercely protective of their young, get cross with C-Boy, though he's one of the resident fathers. (Photo by Michael Nichols/National Geographic via The Atlantic)

Leon & zebra

Photograph by Michael Nichols From "Lions of the Serengeti," National Geographic, August 2013 A male often asserts his prerogatives. C-Boy feasts on a zebra while the Vumbi females and cubs wait nearby, warned off by his low growls. Their turn will come.