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Her faith never faltered, she would stand true Fantasy Artwork, Fantasy Armor, Cleric, Female Armor, Fantasy Female Warrior, Pathfinder Character, Fantasy Warrior, Female Knight, Fantasy Character Design
Ivoire de Montauban - STAR WARS
Her faith never faltered, she would stand true
Vigilante by on @DeviantArt Thief Character Design, Thief Character, Rogue Character, Rogue Assassin, Arte Ninja, Heroic Fantasy, Dishonored, Dungeons And Dragons Characters, Fantasy Male
Vigilante by ForrestImel on DeviantArt
Vigilante by on @DeviantArt
an older woman holding a pair of scissors
Madame Ravonge - Pathfinder by MiguelRegodon
épéiste Dragons, Fantasy Rpg, Fantasy Races, Leather Armor, Dungeons And Dragons
a drawing of a woman with white hair holding two swords
Top Down Pathfinder Characters - Minus
a man in armor with horns and claws on his head, holding two swords while standing next to him
101 Player Character Quirks (1-50)
Character quirks can be little exercises in roleplaying that make things fun for the player. They can also have major game implications if the character is faced with a dilemma where two of their v…
a woman dressed in medieval clothing holding a spear
Yllya Trisperos, teacher at the mage school in Taragon, is happy to see that her students quickly learn how to direct spells with the help of the staff.
RPG Female Character Portraits Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Sword And Sorcery, Fantasy Setting, Afro Art, Fantasy Inspiration, Medieval Fantasy
RPG Female Character Portraits
RPG Female Character Portraits
a drawing of a man dressed in armor
Female Human Rogue - Graxus Phand - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D d20 fantasy
Lolth, Lady Luck Drow Priest, Half Drow, Ronin Samurai, Night Elf, Ange Demon
Lolth, Lady Luck
Lolth, Lady Luck
Male Elf Rapier Rogue - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D 3.5 5th ed d20 fantasy Elf Rogue, Elf Pirate, Warhammer Fantasy, Male Elf, Elf Characters
Male Elf Rapier Rogue - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D 3.5 5th ed d20 fantasy