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an object made out of white plastic sitting on top of a table
an architectural model of a building with several levels and sections labeled in the text below
an architectural rendering of a building with many windows and balconies on the side
WORKac chosen to complete beirut museum of art in lebanon
a tall building with lots of white cubes on it's sides and trees in the background
françois blanciak architect dunkirk arts quarter competition proposal
an aerial view of a building in the middle of some trees with people standing on it
Tropical Ocean Observation Deck
Tropical Ocean Observation Deck on Behance
White Shell - Melena House: A Floating Villa in Dhidhdhoo, Maldives Concept by Gravity Studio
an artistic rendering of a jellyfish house on stilts by the water at night
Treetop Ocean Restaurant
Treetop Ocean Restaurant on Behance
people are standing in the middle of a building with plants growing out of it's walls
Mario Cucinella Architects
an aerial view of a building with plants growing on the roof and in the air
Mario Cucinella Architects
a model of a building with trees and stairs