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two bottles of beer sitting next to each other
Metáfora, sinécdoque y metonimia
Hipérbole en publicidad: Metáfora, sinécdoque y metonimia
heineken beer on the beach with waves coming in to shore and starfish
This is how Heineken became the best known brewery in the world
Heineken beach
a person holding a beer bottle with the caption'enjoy the good night of the year '
10 campañas de halloween que te pondrán la piel de gallina‏
Heineken Happy Halloween!
an advertisement on the side of a building for heineken's green beer
NameBright - Coming Soon
Este frigo de Heineken gigante es la #solucion para crear una acción que capte la atención de las personas. Así la marca estará siempre presente en la mente de los consumidores.
I wish for.....Heineken, hell yeah!!! Visual Advertising, Ad Of The World, Facebook Fan Page, Best Ads, Creative Ads
I wish for.....Heineken, hell yeah!!!
an advertisement with a bottle of beer in it
PC - Publicidad Creativa VIII
Publicidad Creativa VIII - Heineken
a painting of a woman's legs with high heels and a box of heineken
This item is unavailable - Etsy
JEREMY WORST Dubstep Kitty Original Artwork Signed by JeremyWorst, $55.00
a bottle of heineken beer surrounded by green leaves and clovers on the ground
Celebrate St Patrick's Day with Heineken and Bird Liquor Store
a bottle of beer with the caption's words in french and english, on a green background
two different views of the same city at night and day, with green light shining on them
[alcool - consommation] 20 campagnes à consommer sans modération
Heineken - Manhattan, Paris, Rio
a dj mixing music in front of a green cityscape
Saddington Baynes Integrated Creative Production Studio
Client: Heineken, Agency: Agency: Rothco Ireland. Urban sessions, beer, green, bottle, music, equalizer, CGI, Post-Production, advertising