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purple flowers are blooming in the garden with green leaves on it's stems
It's a beautiful world!
✯ Double Gloxinia 'Suspense'
a wine glass with the sun setting in the background and water flowing out of it
Nevena Uzurov - September impression | Nevena Uzurov
purple trees are reflected in the water on a black and white day by a dock
Shakujii-koen Reflections in Purple
beyond beautiful
a red eyed tree frog hanging upside down on a branch
Cool colors!
the waves are crashing against the rocky shore
Perfect curls!!
the night sky is filled with stars and swirls as it sits over water, surrounded by rock formations
Around the Night
"Around the Lake" by Marc Adamus. Milky Way over Mono Lake, California.
the full moon is shining over a mountain lake - Cool stuff for geeks
blue flowers with green leaves in the foreground and an image of another flower on the background
I wish I was an Island Girl
blue and green plumerias
a view from the inside of a cave looking out at the beach
a green and yellow bird with wings spread
Bais Construction - New York Construction Company
Hello there!
a purple flower with yellow stamen and water droplets on it's petals is shown in close up
NameBright - Domain Expired
Very pretty ;-)
a purple flower with lots of leaves around it
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