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The most perfect soft serve you will see, ever. Tag your ❤ friends. Stay tuned for a new giveaway contest in a few hours. Picture by 🌟 Location 📍 , London.S Yes Charcoal is actually a flavor.

El azúcar es dulce, los limones son agrios. ¡Te amamos más que una bolsa de Unicorn Farts! ¡Un regalo perfecto para los amantes, los soñadores y usted! Sus…

Sugar is sweet, lemons are tart. We love you more than a Bag of Unicorn Farts! A perfect gift for the lovers, the dreamers and you! It's not an illusion. we've captured the essence of unicorn farts in a relentlessly cheerful vacuum sealed gift bag fo

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Spanish photographer Yago Partal created this funny photographic project called "Zoo Portraits", featuring animals dressed as humans. You can check out the full series and buy prints on his website. via Abduzeedo Zoo Portraits