All things inversions, from beginning to advanced.
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a woman doing yoga in front of a window with the words yoga is 99 % practice and 1 % theory
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-Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory. Check out this yogi's journey: March Yoga Report
a woman meditating in front of a window with the text free ucla meditations stream, print the transcripts
Free UCLA Mindfulness Meditations - Journeys of Yoga
You can stream, download, or print the transcripts of these UCLA mindfulness meditations for free!
a woman laying on the floor with her feet up in front of her face and text that reads yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self
June Report - Journeys of Yoga
Check out this girl's journey of yoga!
a christmas tree and presents with the words 6 gift ideas for yoga lovers
6 Perfect Gifts for Yoga Lovers - Journeys of Yoga
Check out these great gifts for yoga lovers! Save for later!
a woman doing yoga on top of a rock with the words 4 free yoga books
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These eBooks are amazing! And they are all free!
a woman doing yoga poses with the words, the best online yoga classes? on it
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Is Grokker really the best site for online yoga classes?
a woman sitting on the floor with her arms behind her head and hands behind her head
Tension Releasing Gomukhasana Yoga Benefits - Journeys of Yoga
Check out the many gomukhasana yoga benefits! Also known as cow face pose, this pose will release major tension in your upper body.
a woman doing yoga poses with the words aska teacher what is your favorite type of yoga?
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What is your favorite type of yoga? Each teacher had a different favorite. Read this article to have them inspire you to try something new.
a woman doing a handstand in front of a quote from deepak chakra
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Show gratitude! Take this gratitude challenge!
a woman is sitting in the sand with her eyes closed while meditating
30 Day Gratitude Challenge Week 2 - Journeys of Yoga
Focus on gratitude. Take this gratitude challenge!
a necklace with an orange tassel on it and the words yoga sutra 1 30 and
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Yoga Sutra 1.30 speaks to the obstacles that face us everyday. A Japa practice is a great way to overcome some of these obstacles.
a woman doing yoga with the words declutter and simplfy your life make more time for yoga
Declutter and Simplify Your Life - Journeys of Yoga
Use these 6 tips to declutter and simplify your life to make more time for the things you love.
a woman laying on her back with the words 15 incredible benefits of restorative yoga
The many benefits of Restorative Yoga, a resource, and a 30-minute Restorative Yoga Video
the many benefits of sarasana pose with instructions for beginners to do yoga
9 Amazing Benefits of Sarpasana Yoga Pose - Journeys of Yoga
Click on image for a quick yoga flow that includes this the sarpasana yoga pose!