Nada bate o tema amarelo neste verão.  Ser vibrante e corajoso com fosco amarelo e desenhos de flores em suas unhas.  O design do quadro das flores olha surpreendente em seu design.

30 Nail Art Designs For Summer

Nothing beats the yellow theme this summer. Be vibrant and bold with yellow matte and flower designs on your nails. The frame design of the flowers looks amazing on this design.


The ideograph heart is a symbol of affection and romantic love for its cute and pleasing shape. The symmetric aesthetic symbol has often been used on Valentine’

Black lace

I wonder how this would look if all the nails were black but the two had the ribbons and bows in red. (or gold or silver? hmmmm) (and a tiny rhinestone in the center of the bow)

Маникюр. Дизайн ногтей. Art Simple Nail

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