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or Deer ponies. Red Deer :DenisAdopts  Roan Deer : FortuneTellerKitKat sweet-tooth Deer : HitMeWithBrokenLeave Albino Ram Deer : FortuneTellerKitKat </span>

Her sister is Deer Bloom. She likes to grow herbs and vegetables. She also likes to make food from her veggies and herbs. She makes snacks for her sister while she reads.

I'm Aqua Wonder. i never discovered my special talent, so i feel like an outcast. i love to swim, make things with shells, and anything involving water in some way. i live in a treehouse near the sea, i have 2 bowls of fish, everything in my house is sea-themed. nobody wants a cutie mark-less pony exept Katherine and Luna. DONT ADOPT ME, I DONT WANT TO BE ADOPTED! *SOBS*

I'm Aquamarine. I enjoy swimming, helping out ponies, and decorating houses. I have not found my special talent but who cares; I will keep trying until I earn my cutie mark.