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a person is standing in the middle of a room with some stuff on his head
Our Labyrinth Junk Lady... IS ALIVE!
a person standing in front of a yellow object with black spots on it's legs
two people in costumes are standing on stilts and holding fish shaped kites while others watch
Besucht - und bucht - Björn de Vil bei eventpeppers!
a young person dressed as a clown holding a large blue and yellow umbrella in front of them
Epcot - michaelcurrydesign
some people are walking down the street with kites in their hands and one person is wearing a blue costume
Booking agent for Carnival Arts - Walkabout Carnival Costumes | Contraband Events
an old man standing on top of a metal pole with tennis balls in front of him
Stilt Fun - Best Stilt Walking Entertainment in Orlando
a man standing in front of a giant orange and yellow fire dragon kite on top of a stage
Elements - China - michaelcurrydesign
a man standing in front of a large yellow and black kite with horns on it
Elements - China - michaelcurrydesign
a woman standing in front of a giant kite
Elements - China - michaelcurrydesign
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a stage with an elephant on it
Paperhand Puppet Intervention
two people are performing on stage with their hands in the air and one person is kneeling down
Grand Rapids Ballet Company kicks off season with 'Aladdin'
a woman standing on top of a stage with her hands in the air while holding onto a giant kite