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an image of flowers and leaves with the words among familiar great things on it's side
a blue and white background with some plants on the bottom right corner, and another plant in the middle left corner
Tropical plants
an artistic drawing of leaves and plants on a white background
a palm leaf is shown against a beige background with black and green leaves on it
an image of leaves and plants on a white wallpaper background in shades of green
an abstract painting with blue, yellow and pink flowers in the center on a white background
blue and green flowers are on a white background with watercolors in the middle
Margaret Berg
Me encantan las acuarelas de Margarte Berg Me encantan sus formas y sus colores. Os dejo cuatro ejemplos a ver si os gustan Enlaces: h...
some flowers with the words love written on them and one flower in the bottom right corner
Эскиз тату цветы
a blue and white wallpaper with various plants on the left side, including red berries
Blue plants
blue and green flowers on white background