Johanna Rincón Saldarriaga

Johanna Rincón Saldarriaga

Johanna Rincón Saldarriaga
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By Maddi Lawler. #beachwaves #red #gorgeous #summer  @BLOOM.COM

I LOVE this color! I don't think I could pull it off, my hair is so dark naturally the color probably wouldn't come through. beauty-inspiration-for-hair-make-up-and-everything

By Jade Nettum. #redken #tspa #long #haircut #red #hair @BLOOM.COM

Often long hair with bangs will make you look younger and more feminine . The most popular styles bangs for long hair is side swpet bangs, blunt bangs and chopped bangs! What to do with Bangs for Long Hair? Bangs can be worn both by long hair.

Braid tutorials

The braided headband is the best thing I've ever discovered, cute ways to throw my mane on top of my head are always welcome, and who doesn't loveee a fishtail braid?


start a loose, messy braid on the top of your head. braid down, then pull the rest of your hair into a side pony & top with a cute headband. i love the color

how to do the loose lauren conrad braid.

Simple trick to add texture to your braid: Get 3 strands for a normal braid. Loosely braid One Strand. Use that braided strand with the other 2 to form the final braid of all your hair. Loosen with fingers for more "messy.