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The idea of computer design for say building a model is very daunting to me as i am not confident in any type of computer modeling software. I may stay away from this field thought the experience could be either enlightening and make me want to continue m

Beautiful Screen Walls make the building look like its constantly changing - Danial by Reza Sayadian + Sara Kalantary

Danial / Reza Sayadian & Sara Kalantary

Completed in 2012 by Reza Sayadian and Sara Kalantary in Iran. Images by Alireza Behpour. Danial apartment is located in North east district of Tehran. The neighborhood that Danial is constructed used to be .


Built by Marosi Troy Architectes,Jodoin Lamarre Pratte architectes in Montreal, Canada with date Images by Stephane Groleau. The former John Grant School, built in was renovated and enlarged in order to house Collège Saint-Louis, an Int.


1 The Avenue, Spinningfields (Offices) - Architecture - Sheppard Robson