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an abstract black and white pattern on fabric
Jagged Bolt Pattern
Black and White
an abstract image of multicolored squares and lines
playburo: Photo
— placidhousee: © Melissa Santamaría
an abstract background with multicolored lines
Spectral Gradient
Spectral Gradient on Behance
an abstract image of multiple colored squares on a black background with red and blue colors
the words prolonged by processing are surrounded by circles in blue, orange and yellow
Samsung CXL
Samsung CXL on Behance
an abstract black and white drawing with lines in the center, on top of a piece of paper
daren thomas magee on Instagram: “stay focused on the good things . . . . #contemporaryart #illustrationoftheday #minimalism #madeinojai #art #illustration #drawing…”
an orange and pink background with wavy lines
L'Univers d'Inès: Today I ♥
an image of green and purple abstract shapes
"Green Slime Pattern" Leggings for Sale by Mawfull
an abstract background with different shapes and lines in various colors, including black, pink, green, orange, yellow
Brianna Miller