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the steps to build an outdoor fire pit
20+ Rustic Backyard Ideas & Designs - Budget-friendly Landscaping Ideas
20+ Rustic Backyard Ideas & Designs - Budget-friendly Landscaping Ideas
a wooden walkway surrounded by rocks and plants
25 Awesome Rock Ideas For Your Next Outdoor Projects
an outdoor patio with furniture and accessories
Spray your way to the perfect patio with these outdoor DIY projects.
a wooden gazebo sitting on top of a lush green field
Yardistry 12' Pavilion Privacy Wall
the backyard is decorated with lights and potted plants
a small pond surrounded by rocks and mulch in the middle of a garden area
Fish Pond Repair, Pond Leaks Repair
Cool Backyard pond! #Pondliner #EPDMPondliner http://www.pondpro2000.com/
some people are doing crafts in the grass
PIPE BALL GAME: 4" diameter pvc pipe, cut with 30° angle on one end & straight cut on other ends. Lengths of pipes(from flat bottom to very tip of the 30°angle): 4 @ 14", 3 @ 11.5", 2 @ 9", 1 @ 7". Paint pipes. Set the cut pipes in a triangle bowling pin shape(tallest in back 4, 3, 2, 1). Mark spots on adjoining pipes, drill ¼" holes, use zip ties thread into holes & attach, cut off excess tie, repeat until all are secured. Attach numbers to represent point values. 3 tennis balls for each team.
the instructions for how to play frisbee in the yard with kids and adults
Bush's Beans Website Homepage | BUSH’S® Beans
DIY Backyard Bowling – Easy to make with kids and a great way to recycle the 2-liter bottles leftover after a summer BBQ. Repin and start saving those soda bottles.
an inflatable pool with lots of pillows on it and some other things inside
Dreamy modern French apartment ideas. – Home Decor Ideas – Interior design tips
Dreamy modern French apartment ideas.
the ultimate diy backyard games for kids to play in their yard or back yard
Easy DIY Backyard Games
DIY Backyard Games
glow in the dark coasters are sitting on the ground
Stepping stones painted with glow in the dark paint.
an outdoor patio with white cushions and wooden furniture on the ground, in front of a fence
A California Outdoor Living Room - Hej Doll | Simple modern living by Jessica Doll.
A modern-tropical California outdoor living Room.