Georgia Aquarium - Always remember to keep your chin up - you never know what kind of wonders await :)

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, Georgia - the World's Largest Aquarium with more than million gallons of water housing more than animals of 500 different species. My favorite aquarium

Really need to visit this library!!! Kansas City Public Library’s book steps.

I would like the stairs to my mansion to be like this! Book steps to Kansas City Public Library, Missouri, USA


Las Lajas Cathedral, Columbia Ruins Village - Corfe Castle, Dorset Abandoned 2 St Catherine's Lighthouse - Isle Of Wight, England


Most Colombian dishes differ, depending on what region in Colombia you are in. However, one type of food that can be found almost everywhere is fruit! There is quite a selection of fruit in Columbia that are not available in the U.

Cano Cristales, Beautiful River “Flowing in Paradise”Cano Cristales is a river located in Serania de la Marrakech in Colombia and is known worldwide because of the range of colors that have in itself, so often described as “the most beautiful river in the world”, “the river of five colors” and “river which flows in heaven.” Why is this so, check out below!

Cano Cristales, Beautiful River "Flowing in Paradise"

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