Sierra Nevada Del Guican, Cocuy, Colombia

The Sierra Nevada del Cocuy Chita o Guican National Natural Park and highlands are within the Cordillera Oriental mountain range in the Andes Mountains of Colombia.

Platanos Calados (Caramelized Plantains) |

Plátanos Calados (Plantains with Brown Sugar Syrup)

Platanos Calados are platains caramelized with brown sugar. Platains are frequently used in the COlombian kitchen, either as a fried salty Snack or in numerous sweet variations.

Isla de Providencia, Colombia

Isla de Providencia, Colombia The most beautiful place on earth ! I swam with dolphins and went diving! The best thing is that there were no tourists !

colombian coffee

That’s why handpicking coffee beans is essential and part of the highest quality coffee in the world – Colombian coffee.

Bogota, Colombia The Gold Museum in Bogota.

Another pinner said: "The Gold Museum in Bogota, Colombia is a must see if you are a museum geek like me.

Haunted Hotel Del Salto, Colombia

Haunted Hotel Del Salto, Bogota, Colombia -- it's haunted because of all the suicides in the area. It's right next to the Tequendama Falls or El Salto Del Tequendama