Hemlock Grove

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Love this series, did not last long enough. This is also were I discovered the Skarsgård's boys. Yummy!

Jill Johnson
Hemlock Grove. Peter Rumancek & Roman Godfrey. Roman is just so awkward... in a good way though

Streaming TV preview: 'Hemlock Grove' keeps its Pittsburgh feel

PASADENA, Calif. -- Even stars can be starstruck. While discussing the new Netflix streaming series at a hotel bar in January, young actors Bill Skarsgard ...

Famke Janssen in 'Hemlock Grove'

Famke Janssen in 'Hemlock Grove'

Peter Rumancek & Roman Godfrey

Peter Rumancek & Roman Godfrey

“ He pronounced t h i s in the phonetically correct fashion, but somehow it still rhymed with u s. ”

Landon Liboiron & Bill Skarsgard

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