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Digital Flipbook: Back to School
This digital flipbook is perfect for introducing yourself, your classroom, homework policy, school policies, and so much more. This has made my life so much easier starting distance learning, but also for anyone doing a hybrid schedule! Includes: *Grades K-6 *3 pre-made editable flipbooks AND *One FULLY EDITABLE flipbook I hope you and your students love using this digital flipbook to start the year off in a positive fun way!
Catch a Bubble Classroom Management Tool
Catch a Bubble is a classic classroom management tool every teacher should try! This is a great classroom management trick for an overly talkative class, or for individual students who have trouble with talking at inappropriate times. It is also a great incentive to add to your classroom management system toward the end of the school year when chattiness might be reaching an all-time high. You can even throw gum into the mix as a student incentive if you would like. Use whole class or individually with students.
a television screen with the words station rotation written on it's front and side
Math Stations: My Four Round Approach