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the words are written in spanish and english, with an image of flowers on it
Joa (@OrlandiniJoa) / Twitter
the words are written in black and white with an arrow above it, which reads'la
Growth Mindset Posters in Spanish (Carteles Mentalidad de crecimiento) - Spanish Profe
three potted plants with the words no necesias mucho, neceitas sep - constante
Imagen de reflexión
a poster with the words assa, lo que haces, haz - lo que amas
10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (153) - LifeHack
an image of a cartoon character with balloons on his head and the words nunca te rindas
a drawing of a ladder leading up to the top of a hill with words written below it
El método menos conocido –y más efectivo– para alcanzar tus metas
the words are written in spanish on a blue and white background with an orange ribbon
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