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Phoenix (better Name comes later) A old Clanmate of Luna, from olden times. With her, experiments had also been made, which had caused her to heat her body to an extreme heat, and more.

fgzQZZcssS4.jpg (800×1200) Me recuerda a una personaje que había creado en una historia, su nombre era Deyanira (destructora de hombres) aunque ella usa una ropa más elegante y medieval. Pero tienen en común que ambas llevan una sombra detrás de ellas

His trademark look is bright white eyes that lure people in, as opposed to being dark, Devrim chose the light as his dominion, because it's easier to lure in someone to the light.

"and he was still breathing." I don't normally do gruesome, but this is tragic.

I can barely even breathe. someone, please help me. *coughs up blood* Why. why won't I die? Why must I be immortal? *coughs and groans in pain* P-please. kill me.