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a woman wearing a purple headband with flowers and beads on it's side
I made a new bellydance headpiece! I surprise even myself with my own craftiness :)
an elaborately decorated bra hanging on a wall
pretty Bra
a black bra with white lace and pearls
a mannequin wearing a multicolored bra with buttons and chains on it
a mannequin wearing a green and white bra with chains attached to the chest
four different types of bras on mannequins with beads and chains attached to them
belly dancers tops
a black and white photo of a mannequin with necklaces on it's neck
a mannequin is adorned with jewelry and garters
theverdantmuse - Etsy
a mannequin with gold chains and beads on it's chest, in front of a black background
1920's style costume set by the Verdant Muse Rave Costumes, Et Costume, Gypsy Living, Dance Fashion
1920's style costume set by the Verdant Muse
the back of a dress with beads and chains on it