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The Avengers & Marvel "Evidently there will be a line." Thor the dark world! Love Thor and Loki Marvel Dc, Marvel Funny, Marvel Memes, Marvel Comics, Funny Avengers, Loki Thor, Tom Hiddleston Loki, Tom Hiddleston Quotes, Loki Laufeyson

Where you tend a rose, a thistle cannot grow

mosellegreen: โ€œ krakensdottir: โ€œ mosellegreen: โ€œ โ€ข #did he kill them when they betrayed him โ€ข #over the words spoken by the enemy king โ€ข #thats twice now โ€ข #he had the power and chance to take his...

I know it's not Avengers. but Iron man 3 counts! Iron Man 3, Dc Movies, Marvel Movies, Marvel Actors, Movies Online, I Hate Work, Downey Junior, Thats The Way, The Villain

What every henchman must think, but has never said.

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Black Widow, Captain America, Avengers: "Did I step on your moment?"- She is awesome Marvel Memes, Marvel Dc Comics, Marvel Avengers, Marvel Quotes, Marvel Girls, Marvel Funny, Captain Marvel, Tom Holland, Avengers

Did I step on your moment? Yes Yes you did actually. Because I thought you were an awesome old lady but then you were ...well you I suppose And while I love you too. It didn't stop that small flicker of disappointment in my chest.

Bucky barnes captain america sebastian stan steve rodgers all things fandom Marvel Avengers, Marvel Funny, Marvel Memes, Marvel Dc Comics, Avengers Memes, Sebastian Stan, Newt Thomas, Hulk, Geeks

At -- I had him on the ropes. . Qotd: agent Hill or Peggy? . #quote #wintersoldier #tw... | Veooz

Scene from the Avengers w/ Tony and Steve after Coulson's death. But I must say I think Cap should wear tight blue shirts more often XD Marvel Dc Comics, Marvel Avengers, Baby Avengers, Avengers Movies, Marvel Movies, Infinity War, Robert Downey Jr, Tony Stark, Guardians Of The Galaxy

The Avengers, We are not soldiers... Fun Fact: RDJ was supposed to yell the line "We are not soldiers." He did in the fist take, but told Joss afterwards that he just wasn't feeling it. Joss lat him do in again, and we got this. I, personally, think that this is so much better, because it shows the emotional pain that Tony is going through for a brief second. It's beautiful.

Read Captain America: The Winter Soldier ( from the story Citazioni Marvel by fangirlingxevrything (destiel trash uwu) with reads. Captain America Winter, Chris Evans Captain America, Captain America Quotes, Capt America, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Avengers, Avengers Quotes, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Batman Universe

captain america: the winter soldier in quotes [pt... - STEVE+ GLASSES

โ€œ captain america: the winter soldier in quotes [pt 1.] โ€

Tony Stark is one of the coolest superhero from Marvel comics. If you are searching for tony stark quotes then we bring you the best 35 tony stark quotes. Boyfriend Quotes Relationships, Funny Relationship Quotes, Relationships Humor, Movie Quotes, Funny Quotes, Qoutes, Hard Quotes, Story Quotes, Playboy


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