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people are walking down the street in front of white buildings and potted plants on either side
Los pueblos más bonitos del sur de Portugal
Monsaraz, Portugal
an alley way with white buildings and flowers on the balconies in front of them
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Locorotondo, Apulia, Italy
an arch in the middle of a building that has arches and towers on each side
La Seu by Gerd Fischer / 500px
Palma Cathedral, Majorca, Spain. My grandma went here in her 20's and I would love to go.
the interior of a cathedral with stained glass windows
Saint Patrick Cathedral- Dublin by John Galbo
an empty street with benches and buildings in the background
Inverness, Scotland
a woman sitting on a bench in front of a store
an alley way with buildings on both sides and cliffs in the backgrouds
Vieste, Puglia, Italy
the sun is shining over a green field with many rows of bushes in front of it
Green tea farms are a sight to behold across Japan. This one at Katsuura, Wakayama, Japan
an orange pagoda with stairs leading up to it and a waterfall in the background, surrounded by lush green trees
The pagoda of Seigantoji and Nachi no Taki Waterfall, Japan | 19 Reasons to Love Japan, an Unforgettable Travel Destination
an old castle with people walking around it
Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade travel guide
Belgrade Fortress, Serbia, in Kalemegdan Park on the confluence of the Rivers Sava and Danube dates back to the 3rd century BC.
a large white building with many lights on it's sides and a cross at the top
Wonderful Belgrade
the inside of an ornate church with painted ceilings
Србија | Serbia - one photo per post
Church of Saint George, Oplenac, Serbia. with its extraordinary mosaics and rich marbles, it looks like a 10th century Byzantine church - not one built in 1907.
a tall building with a clock on it's face in the middle of two other buildings
Marina Crown , Dubai-UAE; 207.0 m 52 fl, completion 2006