A place where the time seems to have stopped, Barichara, Colombia }america-destinations/travel-colombia/

Bus escalera Cauca-Colombia by Alex Bedoya

Old buses full of color and joy, transporting people, food, animals and goods from one town to another in the Colombian countryside "Chiva" - Bus escalera Cauca-Colombia by Alex Bedoya it's a Haitian tap tap!

Caño Cristales is a Colombian river located in the Serrania de la Macarena province of Meta. The river is commonly called "The River of Five Colors" or "The Liquid Rainbow"

The Most Colorful River in The World - The Cano Cristales, one of the most beautiful rivers in the world is located near La Macarena Colombia. Often called the river of five colours which include green, blue, black, red and yellow. A touch of paradise!

Barichara, Santander, Colombia

This colonial town has a lot to offer and certainly attracts visitors by ist unique charme.

Commuting in Medellin, Colombia - Metrocable

commuting in Medellin, Colombia. 2013 most innovative city of the world! Breaking Social Boundaries: Innovative Transportation in Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia

A wooden door with brass stars, at a building in the walled city of Cartagena, Colombia. Nice example of the colonial architecture.