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Give a hoot.Don't pollute…Never be a dirty bird.In the city or in the woods.Help keep America looking good!…(Woodsy The Owl) School Memories, My Childhood Memories, Sweet Memories, 1970s Childhood, Childhood Friends, Back In My Day, 80s Kids, I Remember When, Ol Days

Ads #12: Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute

In the 70s, kids had it beaten into their heads night and day that dropping a soda can on the sidewalk = the total and complete destruction of the planet earth. It was a good message I guess, but if you were a kid in the 1970s, you know what I mean - the anti pollution message got to be a bit overbearing. If you dropped so much as a Dentyne wrapper in the grass, you would not only make a Native American cry, but Smokey the Bear would come find you. via Boin Boing This Woodsy Owl comic is…

I remember these glass bottle Alka seltzer. Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is!

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing" Alka-Seltzer in a bottle

"Ask any Mermaid You Happen to See. What's the Best Tuna? Chicken of the Sea" (July 2012 update: US government declares mermaids aren't real!

Fish Tales...Part Two

This 1955 ad art just shouts Yay! It's beautiful, colorful, charming, and kind of gross. Still if today's Chicken of the Sea executives had any sense at all they'd bring back this mermaid. The current logo is so utterly blah, I won't even besmirch your eyes with a picture of it. Even Charlie the Tuna has better taste. Back to Disneyland now, for a couple photos of our favorite galleon. Both dated June, 1969. Panorama! The back side of the restaurant, showing the original kitchen door (far…

Tang While Tang was first introduced in it wasn't until John Glenn drank it on his NASA Mercury mission in 1962 that it really took off. It became a hit in homes all across the USA.

What $1B in Tang Sales Says About the Future of Food

Over the next decade, most of the growth for U.S. food manufacturers and fast food companies is going to come predominantly from developing countries.

Vintage Alka Seltzer ads by milagros

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Certs mints - "TWO, TWO, Two Mints in One! Remember Dick Clark holding up Certs during every American Bandstand!

Daily 70s Spot: Certs Mints ‘River Rafting’ commercial (1972)

“Certs is two…two…two mints in one!” Our Daily 70s Spot takes a tumbling river raft ride along with a lustful couple and a protective drop of Retsyn. Certs Mints was introdu…

Buttons and old display cart - my mother used to buy these all the time from the dime store. I remember these.

Baby Born Souvenir Dads 36 New Ideas

Cost of living 1969

Classic Commercial Jingles - here is Dinah Shore Thanks For The Memories, Best Memories, Childhood Memories, Photo Vintage, Vintage Tv, Vintage Items, Old Commercials, Old Tv, Classic Tv

Classic Commercial Jingles 50's 60's

NEW VIDEO!: Nancy RC Cola Pt. 4! : Pt. 2 is here.: Pt. 3 ...

7 Eleven Logo, 1969 Scanned from one of my favorite books, "Oh Thank Heaven! The Story of The Southland Corporation, by Allen Liles.

7 Eleven Logo, 1969

Scanned from one of my favorite books, "Oh Thank Heaven! The Story of The Southland Corporation, 1927-1977", by Allen Liles.

Vintage Advertising for Brylcreem ~ photo of Dick Clark of "American Bandstand"

"A Little Dab'll Do Ya!" and we all did go for Dick Clark.

Classic TV Commercial: Remember when they were so LONG? My Childhood Memories, Best Memories, Retro Ads, Vintage Advertisements, Old Commercials, Old Tv Shows, Vintage Tv, I Remember When, Old Ads


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Vintage Carling Black Label beer cans Cool Packaging, Vintage Packaging, Brand Packaging, Packaging Design, Beer Can Collection, Design Package, Old Beer Cans, Bottle Design, Sodas

Vintage Beer Cans

Here’s some more vintage goodness. I found this excellent Flickr set of vintage beer cans. I’ve never seen that odd can shape, looks like motor oil. Love it. There are also a few brand-…

Cathy Harris If you’re of “a certain age”, you’ll remember cigarette ads on tv (and in magazines) with “dancing products”.

Maypo Cereal - This was a totally annoying kid.

I want my Maypo!