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several rolls of toilet paper are decorated with sports balls and footballs on top of them
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Set of 4 Mini Sports Diaper Cakes, Boy Sports Baby Shower, Football Basketball Baseball Soccer Diaper Cake, Sports Shower Decor on Etsy, $34.99
four wine glasses with the word joy spelled out in front of them and cupcakes on top
Champagne Diaper Cake Cupcakes with your baby's name
an owl purse with pink flowers on it
It's Not a Baby Shower Without a Diaper Cake!
Owl Diaper Cake: Who, who, who wouldn't love this owl diaper cake ($38) for a shower?
a collage of photos with minnie mouses and other items in it's display
The WHOot
These Minnie Mouse Diaper Cakes will a fantastic gift for any new arrival or for a Baby Shower party.
a woman is opening up a birthday cake box
Carousel Diaper Cake - How To Make
Carousel Diaper Cake - How To Make video
a blue chair sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a red and white fire hydrant
Happily Ever After - Blended Family Style
DIY Co sleeper there are enough handy men in my life to make this a reality :)
an inflatable bed with pillows on top of it and a night stand next to it
I like this, especially since I know it will be a pain keeping the dogs out of out bed when the baby is born
a blue and white wreath with a stuffed elephant hanging from it's side on the wall
Diaper Wreath Instructions - Rolled Diapers for Chic Style
Rolled Diaper Wreath Instructions - Decorated with Washcloth Elephant
a collage of photos with pink flowers in a glass vase on top of a table
DivineCrafted - Etsy
These are the center arrangements that I'm making for my best friends baby shower... I think they are cute and they scream "it's a girl"... I'm so excited
a blue and white diaper cake sitting on top of a stair case
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Diaper Cake
a cake made to look like a motorcycle
Diaper cake, unique baby shower gift
diaper cake
a teddy bear sitting on top of a stack of diapers with the baby in it's arms
Brown Bear and Baby Boy Diaper Cake - Back
a cell phone with an image of rolled up baby blankets and flowers on it's display
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Train Diaper Cake Unique Baby Shower Gift by whimseycraft on Etsy, $65.00
a diaper cake with pink flowers on top
Baby Shower - Diaper Cakes
DIY Baby Shower - Diaper Cake Tutorial