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Plum has never looked so royal. Add some white patterns on your matte plum nail polish and be ready for any formal event you’re going to.

Grey! Glitter!

Glitter and polka dots ~ Bio sculpture Congo caves, black and mercury melting

36 Beautiful Modern Nails With Bombastic Design

36 Beautiful And Modern Nails With Bombastic Designs

Pink and blue bubble and french tips. 36 Beautiful Modern Nails With Bombastic Design

Wedding dates tattooed. When we get home from our honeymoon! I like the Roman numeral.

31 Couples With Matching Tattoos That Prove True Love Is Permanent

32 Real Couples Who Gave Up Their Engagement Rings For Tattoos: When Behati Prinsloo revealed her engagement tattoo — three small dots that run vertically down her ring finger — we were surprised. why not a ring AND ink?