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Rubber Stamps From the 3D Printer - The Adventures of Eiki Martinson
3D Print Your Own Stamps ��– 9 Easy Steps | All3DP
I needed a tool to flatten polymer clay to an even thickness. This roller leaves clay at a 0.2" thickness (5.08 mm) The roller can be easily modified to make different thicknesses. Required 2x machine screws:For imperial users: 1/4" x 3/4"For Metric: M6 x 20mmShorter screws may work but anything under 0.4" ( 10mm) length may have questionable results.Enjoy!

3D Printer

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a crocheted hat with a red bead around it and some yarn on the ground
Loom Lore: Brenda's Basic Baby Blanket
a close up of a knitted blanket with a clock on the front and side
Two of the Best Easy Loom Knit a Blanket Tutorials
Two of the Best Easy Loom Knit a Blanket Tutorials – Loom Knitting Videos
an easy baby booties knitting kit with yarn and scissors on the table next to it
Easy Baby Booties on a knitting loom - YouTube
two photos showing the same knitting pattern for a baby hat and mittens, with text overlay that reads, calming baby hat free knitting pattern by sherylniplex
Calming Baby Hat Free Knitting Pattern - Knitting Pattern
a stack of multicolored towels sitting on top of a white table
the crochet beanie pattern is shown in four different colors and sizes, along with instructions to make it
Free Soap Sack printable wrap