Jennifer Mateus

Jennifer Mateus

English language teacher an entrepeneur. English for learning about world cultures and people as world citizens.
Jennifer Mateus
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Estupendo video para comprender los principios básicos de la clase invertida. En inglés, sencillo y claro. Perfecto para mi clase de inglés!

Great example of an introduction to Our Flipped Classroom - Great Powtoon movie explaining how the flipped classroom works. I want to use this as a guide to my own intro!

Using Social Media to Teach Visual Literacy in the 21st Century Classroom

Using Social Media to Teach Visual Literacy in the Century Classroom (Actually, this could be really useful in my EFL classroom, because my freshman are learning TOEIC speaking/ writing skills for describing photographs.

12 ways for teachers to use technology in the classroom, even for technophobic teachers.

With this ed tech guide, teachers will find easy ways to use technology in the classroom. Perfect for a technophobe like me!