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the crucifixion with jesus on the cross and other people around it
Phillip Medhurst presents detail 180:241 Gustave Doré Bible The Dead Christ Matthew 27:59
an image of a painting with angels playing the violin and baby on her lap,
Message From Ann and The Angels: Merry Christmas!
an open book with pictures of jesus and other people around it, including vases
Библейские повествования для детей . Художник : С. И. Григорьев .
a painting of jesus crucifixing on the cross with other people around it
an old painting of a man in black and white with a hat on his head
Zelo zelatus sum pro Domino Deo exercituum
an angel sitting next to a child in a forest
Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels
a painting of a baby in a manger with two lambs
Madonna and Child - Irina Y. Lombardo - Illustration & Design
CH 065 Baby Jesus Blue and White
an image of the virgin mary with doves on it's chest and arms
an icon of saint mark holding a book
April 25th- St. Mark: St. Mark wrote the second Gospel, probably in Rome sometime before the year 60 A.D.; he wrote it in Greek for the Gentile converts to Christianity. Tradition tells us that St. Mark was requested by the Romans to set down the teachings of St. Peter. This seems to be confirmed by the position which St. Peter has in this Gospel.