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a pencil drawing of a cat's face
51 top idées & tutos de dessins de chat : pour apprendre à dessiner un chat
a black and white drawing of a cat laying on its back with the word rip written above it
Le chat de Gaston. (André Franquin, Belgium. 1924-1997. Indian ink).
a cartoon cat sitting next to a mouse
Le Guichet du Savoir - Consulter le sujet - Quel est le nom du chat de Gaston ?
a black and white drawing of a kitten surrounded by daisies
two cats with blue eyes and flowers
Kittens among flowers
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several kittens in front of a bird cage
pc poezen vogelkooi Reichert pl 1910
helena maguire
a group of kittens sitting in a basket together
Cats in Art - part 2
Carl Reichert (1836-1918) - Mother and Kittens