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japanese joinery stretch coat stand by Misewell It's a US designed and made product. And that type of pinwheel joint is no more japanese than other pinwheel joints.

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is a minimalist design created by German-based designer Neue Werkstatt. The is a simple, puristic bed. It is produced in a local carpentry in hand. For the frame local timber is used. This is solventless stained with color pigments and protected w

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Use drawer slides; mount the drawer on the wall; attach the shell to the slides, so it pulls out. Shifty Desk / Hallway Stand by Daniel Schofield This is such a great storage idea! It can be a shelf and a drawer.

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Table Saw Taper Jig :: When you need to make that slightly angled cut that is to long for your miter or chop saw, use the taper jig to make the job easier. Constructed of aluminum , this taper jig includes a built-in scale and is fully adjustable.