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a woman with flowers in her hair and makeup
"Лесные Нимфы" фото-пленер TFP/ТФП
Photography, Forest Fairy, Fairytale Fashion, Fantasy Costumes
ℓυηα мι αηgєℓ ♡ 2
Lady, Fantasy Clothing, Human, Model Hair, Girl, Costume
'In Bloom' by gracealmera!
a woman dressed in blue and green holding a flower
Victorian Dress, Cosplay Costumes
Character Design, Pose
a woman with flowers in her hair wearing a dress and holding a flower headpiece
a woman with long blonde hair wearing a pink and black dress standing in front of a tree
Alice’s Tea Party In The Garden Of Delirium
a woman is sitting in the woods with her legs crossed and wearing a white dress
a woman with long pink hair wearing a flower crown and holding her hands to her face
Pastel Dream by thefirebomb on DeviantArt
a woman dressed as a fairy with purple hair and wings, holding her hand up to her head