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How To Propagate Lavender Plants From Cuttings

Propagating lavender is fun and easy. Follow these detailed step-by-step instructions to learn exactly how to propagate lavender plants from cuttings.

A Checklist for Buying Vacant Land or Property

Having been the owner of vacant farm land for approximately a whopping two months now, I'm certainly no expert when it comes to owning property. But, David and I did go through the purchasing process and (we think) completely vetted all of our options and exhausted all of our resources during that time in terms of performing due diligence and making sure we were buying the right thing. Plus, I'm a real estate attorney, so my professional background gave me a lot of insight into the process…

How to Grow Limes Anywhere

Do you want to grow lime trees? If so, The Gardening Dad’s professionals are waiting to assist you fullest about how to grow a lime tree from seed.

The Top 13 Raspberry Varieties to Grow in Zones 3-9 | Gardener’s Path

Raspberries mean summer's here, and it's time to grow your own. Whether you want to eat them fresh, bake them into a pie, or can homemade preserves, there's something for everyone. To find the best everbearing or summer bearing cultivar for your growing zone, in a variety of colors, read more now on Gardener's Path.

How to Make a Quick Pallet Shelter for Livestock

Learn how to make a quick pallet shelter that is quick and inexpensive! Great for a run-in shed for goats, horses, alpacas or any other farm animal!

All the Duck Egg Facts (+10 Tips to Selling Duck Eggs)

Are you curious about a duck's egg? All the information you want to know: taste? odor? cost? How to use them in recipes calling for chicken eggs and all the nutrition facts. Find all the answers to your answers here. Or do you have excess duck eggs and want to earn a little income from them? 10 tips right here ↑ .

How to Transplant Raspberry Bushes

Sometimes a struggling fruit bush simply needs a better location to thrive. Learn how to dig up and move your raspberries to a better place in the sun for more fruit production.

How to Be More Productive on Your Homestead

No matter if you are new to homesteading or an old pro these 5 tips will help you be more productive and achieve your homestead goals!

Here's What You Need to Know About Pruning Apple Trees

Don't miss this guide on how and when to prune apple trees, including how to make cuts.

The Importance of Heritage Breeds on the Homestead

There are over 150 breeds of livestock on the endangered list. Let's save some animals here is why you need heritage breed livestock on your homestead!

5 Tips for Creating a Self-Supporting Homestead

Learn how to create a self supporting homestead that pays for its own upkeep and expenses. It is one of the first steps in becoming fully self sustainable!

Urban Farming: How to Turn a 1/3 Acre Garden into a $75,000 Yearly Income

Isn’t This the Most Amazing Urban Farming Garden You’ve Ever Seen! Whether you’re an urban farming enthusiast or an open plains homesteader, you’ve probably pondered at some point how you can more efficiently use the garden area you have available to grow more food and maybe to turn a profit to boot. That’s just what […]

200 Free chicken feed sources, the ultimate list!

The ultimate list of free chicken feed resources. How to feed your chickens for free or very cheaply. Almost 200 ideas for saving money on chicken feed as told by homesteaders all over the web.


It’s the classic scenario. You’re driving through a neighborhood and see it: The perfect investment property. It’s the perfect amount of abandoned. Grass is a little unkempt (but not too much!). There’s a bit of green mildew growing on the vinyl siding. Lastly, there’s a huge pile of newspapers on the front porch! Time to contact the owner… 1. First find the owners name & address thru your local tax database. Every county in the civilized world will have an online tax database called a GIS…

Teri Starts Her Homestead from Scratch

It's important to develop a can-do attitude and to cultivate relationships that foster interdependence, even when we're striving for self-sufficiency.

10 Healthy Pig Feeds - J&R Pierce Family Farm

Want to know how to feed your pigs on a budget? Consider these 10 alternative feeds.