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Circle Of Control Scoot Game Activity

Use this circle of control activity to help students identify the difference between things they can control and things they can't control. By learning to focus on the things in their control, students can cope with strong emotions such as anxiety and anger. This activity is great for working with s...

Is it time to move on?

'Blends Bonanza' will help you move on from cvc words with your little learners after they have mastered blending 3 single letter sounds. Word building sequence We recommend introducing your word-building in the following order: single sounds (alphabet sounds) cvc words (introduce with a focus on short medial vowel sound) consonant blends (initial and final position) consonant digraphs vowel sounds and other 'harder' sounds ccvc and cvcc After cvc words look at words that have two consonants…

How to Make a Miniature Meditative Zen Garden for Your Desktop

If you don't have the backyard space to make a Japanese rock garden where you can spend long afternoons meditatively raking ripple-like patterns into the sand below your feet, settle for the next best thing by making a simple, miniature zen garden that can easily fit on the corner of your desk or nightstand.

Free Functional Decor! Get This *The Things I Can Control* BINGO Poster For Your Classroom or Home

I designed this poster as a (playful) way to reflect on what is (and by extension, is not) within our control.Use as classroom or office decor.Or distribute to your students, and challenge them to try each of the 24 suggestions.Discuss ways in which they are already agents of their own lives, and ta...

Love Is... a Class Book {FREE Printables}

Create an adorable classroom keepsake this Valentine's Day! Your students will write about LOVE, and illustrate their work. Laminate the cover of your choice, and bind the pages to turn this writing project into a class book! Here's what's inside: *3 cover options *2 writing options {primary/seco...

Calm Down Cocoa Hot Chocolate Breathing Strategy Posters & Student Cards

Teach your students a fun way to calm down through the hot chocolate breathing technique! Students will be guided through a Calm Down Cocoa Breathing Strategy using simple directions and cute hot cocoa mug clip art. There are two clip art options to choose from: plain hot cocoa or hot cocoa with mar...

Mindfulness Breathing Exercises Teachers, Parents Can Use With Kids in Classroom, Home

BREATHING EXERCISES for YOUR TRAUMA SENSITIVE CLASSROOM, CALM CORNER, DISTANCE LEARNING or HOMEThe Breathing Exercises for Kids Book, Task Cards, Mindfulness Brain Breaks and Posters is now also in Google Slides™ for distance learning social emotional learning support. These exercises will help br...

Emily on Instagram: “How do you want your students to view themselves in your classroom? That question has been on my mind lately, and so many thoughts came to…”

907 Likes, 61 Comments - Emily (@mrskiswardysclass) on Instagram: “How do you want your students to view themselves in your classroom? That question has been on my…”

Restorative Practices

Implementing Restorative Practices in your classroom? Included are helpful resources to run restorative circles, help your students make amends, identify feelings, and for using affective statements in your room. ...

Help Kids With Worry Using These 10 Worry-Busting Strategies

10 Ways School Counselings Can Help Kids With Worry: Use these strategies to help your students manage their worries at school.

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Aug 8, 2016 - Here's a simple way to calm down. When you find yourself in a situation that you don't know how to handle, or just get overwhelmed, this can help you.

A Jar Full of Feelings! A Sensory Regulation Activity - Mosswood

A Jar Full of Feelings is a visual sensory regulation activity to help children recognize and respond appropriately to their feelings.

Mindfulness Activities For Winter Counseling And SEL Lessons

These winter themed mindfulness activities will help your students to learn about what mindfulness is and how they can practice it. These activities use mindfulness techniques such as guided imagery, thorough reflection, awareness of thoughts and feelings, close observation and deep breathing. They ...