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Futuristic military submarine design idea by ~NikYeliseyev on deviantART

Technically unarmed, the Command Ship only bears 4 point defense weapons in the form of SeaRAM stations, but has a Helipad that can support a single Helicopter. It also buffs the stats of any nearb.

View an image titled 'AAPC Concept Art' in our Killzone 2 art gallery featuring official character designs, concept art, and promo pictures.

The Tenorran Defense Navy's only submarine, the is designed to be as stealthy as possible. Using ultra-silent screws, decoupled diesel generators and the possibility to use Fuel Cells to b.

A group of British naval engineers have released design concepts for the Royal Navy?s warship of the future. Dubbed the Dreadnought the concept

Spaceship art by Steve Jung. Keywords: digital concept spaceship art by professional concept designer s.

This is an archive of the Spacecraft Concept art found in the internet for inspiration purpose (I do not claim ownerhip of any images).

The Navy Is Working On A Drone Ship To Track Submarines. Darpa is designing a submarine tracker drone to work at litorals and harbors.

China is developing an advanced guided missile cruiser that represents a major step forward in Beijing’s large-scale naval warfare buildup.