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Carole Radziwill reflects on John Kennedy Jr and Carolyn

Carole Radziwill was the daughter-in-law of Lee Radizwill, marrying her son Anthony in 1994. The former RHONY star writes about losing John Kennedy Jr and his wife Carolyn in a plane crash.

Random photo of John and Carolyn

It looks like they’re at someone’s home relaxing after an event. I initially thought this was taken after they attended Ted Kennedy’s birthday party (because she wore the same ne…

Anyone Owns A Massai??

Hi all! Just want to know if anyone owns a Massai GM and if it's a good one to get and those who have it you love it??:p THANKS!

John and Carolyn partying!

This was from 1995 and I have no idea what kind of party it is, but if you look at the people in the background, a bunch are decked out in ho-down gear! I love these shots where they’re so ca…

John F. Kennedy Jr. had affair with Madonna, much to his mother’s disapproval — EXCLUSIVE BOOK EXCERPT

Winners did mark a turning point of sorts for John, who by this time had broken up with Sally Munro. He fell hard for the lushly beautiful, blue-eyed Christina Haag, and after taking her home to Brooklyn on the back of his new motorcycle (which was stolen days later), told her so.

Remembering John F. Kennedy, Jr.'s Life in Photos

As the 20th anniversary of JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy's death nears, revisit the life of America's golden son.

Winter stroll with Friday

I think this is from 1995 and this is the last set of photos from my fourth album of CBK pictures. I organized my photos in the same way the old Simply Carolyn site did, so I’ve just been go…

An Ode to John F Kennedy Jr

It is still hard to believe he is gone...

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1993 – First sighting of Carolyn with John

This was in November 1993 and they were watching the NY Marathon together:

EXCLUSIVE: JFK Jr.’s Former Girlfriend Julie Baker Calls Him "Humble, Normal, Great Guy" In First-Ever TV Interview

They dated for two years.

Two of a Kind