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This board contain Bible Studies that we enjoy or encourage others by sharing.We also want to add new Bible Apps that are available and of quality.
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a person holding a book with the title, the power of god a devotion on the ten plagues
The Power of God: A Devotional on the Ten Plagues
Embark on a journey of faith with our free devotional crafted for women, focusing on the mighty power of God and His unwavering faithfulness as promised in Scripture. Dive into daily reflections, prayers, and insights that will fortify your faith and enrich your understanding of God's impactful presence in your life. Join a community of women dedicated to spiritual growth and empowerment.
an open book with the words what does amazing grace sound like? on top of it
What Does Amazing Grace Sound Like?
We sing the song often, but what does it really mean? What does amazing grace sound like? Discover some amazing words of hope today!
two hands folded over each other with the words how to turn jeremah 53 into a personal prayer
How to make Jeremiah 33:3 into a Personal Prayer
a woman holding a flower in her hands with the title how to love yourself god's way biblical affirmations inspired by jesus
How to Love Yourself God’s Way: Biblical Affirmations Inspired by Jesus
Biblical affirmations are different than positive affirmations. Biblical affirmations hold the key to loving yourself in a way that lasts and withstands life’s challenges but also in a way that honors God. In this new series that explores what it looks like to self-affirm in a Godly way, we will learn to love ourselves despite... The post How to Love Yourself God’s Way: Biblical Affirmations Inspired by Jesus appeared first on Lori Schumaker.
a man sitting on the floor with his feet crossed in front of him and text that reads, gratitude could you use an extra dose today?
Finding God in Gratitude: A 21-Day Biblical Challenge
Embark on a 21-Day Biblical Gratitude Challenge to strengthen your faith and fill your heart with sincere gratitude. This journey through scripture will guide you in deepening your understanding of God's message of gratitude, inspiring you to live a life full of thanks.
an image of a road with the words keeping an external perspective
Keeping An Eternal Perspective — Scripture Confident Living
in-depth study of 2 Corinthians 4:16-18
the bible study guide for students to learn how to read and understand what they are reading
Study the Bible Systematically — Scripture Confident Living
Study the Bible systematically - with Bible study guide
the bible translations are shown in black and white, with different font styles on them
The Best Bible Version for Bible Study — Scripture Confident Living
Bible study versions from literal to paraphrase | Scripture Confident Living
a woman with her arms spread out in the air and text that reads, redeem & transformed
6 Attributes of a Redeemed Christian and a Transformed Church — Scripture Confident Living
in-depth study of Colossians 3:12-17
a woman with her arms outstretched in front of the sun and text that reads book of james
Submit to God (James 3:13-4:17) — Scripture Confident Living
The concluding statements of the Book of James, chapter 4. Week 3 of "Awaken Faith" Bible study by Scripture Confident Living.
a person standing in the middle of a field with their arms spread out and hands raised
How to praise God like King David — Scripture Confident Living
in-depth study of Psalm 103
two hands holding the cross with text overlay reading book of james into faith and works
The book of James: Background Information — Scripture Confident Living
The book of James starts with this challenging statement. Read more and join the James Bible study. | Scripture Confident Living
an open book with the words should we study the bible like a textbook? and how?
Should we study the Bible like a textbook? — Scripture Confident Living
Should we read the Bible like a textbook? | Scripture Confident Living
a purple background with the words, the answer is simple pray in black and white
Faith Encouragement
Morning Prayer & Scripture
This verse reminds us that in God's eyes, our differences don't define us; instead, His love unites us as one family. Let's celebrate the way love transcends boundaries and brings us together.