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It’s always a good idea to have some funny comebacks and insults ready, just in case. There’s nothing bad than being stick for words only to kick yourself after that when you think of a good comeback far too late. Here are 26 Sassy Quotes comebacks Best Sarcastic Quotes, Sarcastic Humor, Funny Quotes, Sassy Quotes Bitchy, Sarcasm Meme, Funny Memes, Quotes About Sarcasm, Savage Quotes Bitchy, Savage Qoutes

30 Sarcastic Quotes & Funny Memes To Live By Every Single Day

Good morning world! Your little ray of sarcastic sunshine has arrived.

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Why It’s Not Easy Being The World’s Rarest Personality Type

Yeah it sounds really cool, doesn’t it? THE rarest! (or so the statistics claim anyway). But for most of my life, it hasn’t been cool and I’ve always felt like a bit of a ‘s…

Com'S word of the day - moira - (among ancient greeks) a person's fate or destiny. The Words, Fancy Words, Weird Words, Words To Use, Pretty Words, Cool Words, Best Words, Beautiful Greek Words, Beautiful English Words

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I will give you two words......dress and opossum. Did that get your attention? Of course, the only relation that they have is that I simply experienced them on just another Monday. The way I would describe our backyard is simply stating that it is an animal sanctuary. A place where all the little critters commune…

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Life without fun is so boring. Out of heavy work routine, fun time is very much necessary. Here are 26 lol Hilarious Quotes Sarcasm Quotes, Sassy Quotes, True Quotes, Quotes To Live By, Funny Quotes, Savage Quotes Sassy, Savage Qoutes, Stupid Love Quotes, Sarcastic Quotes Bitchy

Bonding Blood - Past

"Some ties can never be broken" ~ "An ancient kingdom. Ruled by a Bloody King." King of the Vampires. He had it all. Wealth. Power. The women. But eight years ago he lost something precious. Something that was his. And when he lost it he vowed. Never to sleep. Never to rest. Never to stop hunting. Until his possession returned to him. ~ "Let the past die. Kill it. Become who you are meant to be." #2 Book of the Kings Series

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14 Of The Most Outrageous Things That Kids Have Said

When children get old enough to talk, you never can tell what's going to come out of their mouth at any given time. This means you have to be extra careful with any sensitive information, but even then, kids come out with some bizarre things of their own accord. If you're a parent or you've spent some time around kids, you'll totally know what we mean!

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Vibrational Manifestation http://clickmeterlink.com/manifestation jnkfdonationformtemplateqh: “ How Changing My Vibrational State Changed My Life To be perfectly honest, I feel kinda embarrassed...

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 It takes time to realize if they realize, that I'm a fucking lunatic. It's worth the wait, to be in familiar company. One or 2 in life. Sarcasm Quotes, Sassy Quotes, Sarcastic Humor, Quotable Quotes, True Quotes, Quotes To Live By, Funny Quotes, Cynical Quotes, Badass Quotes

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