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an image of different types of feathers
Chicken Breeds
an image of chickens in the grass with text that reads, when can chicks go outside?
When Can Chicks Go Outside? - Backyard Poultry
how to care for molting chickens and other molting faqs
Molting Chickens 101
the steps to raising and caring for baby chicks
How to Take Care of Baby Chicks
How to take care of baby chicks. Everything you need to know about setting up a brooder and how to care for baby chicks at home or in your kindergarten class. Includes lots of great step by step photography. #creativegreenliving #proventechniquesforkeepin
a person holding a small bird in their hand with the caption chicken health issues
Chicken Health Issues
Find out all about different chicken health issues from wry neck to splay leg. Discover common chicken disease symptoms and how to treat them. Keep your flock happy and healthy by knowing how to identify when your chickens are sick.
the three worst chicken breeds are in this postcard with an image of two chickens standing next to each other
The 3 WORST Chicken Breeds
When deciding which chicken breeds to get, most homesteaders consider things like how noisy they are or how many eggs they produce. However, one of the most important factors is temperament. You want chickens that are friendly and easy to deal with. With that in mind, there are several chicken breeds you should avoid, and that is the topic of this video by Becky's Homestead. She talks about her three least-favorite chicken breeds. Here they are...
an image of someone holding a knife in their hand and the caption reads, i can't tell what happened
Chicken Hatchery & Baby Chicks for Sale | Chickens for Backyards
how to make a dust bath for chickens
How to Make a Chicken Dust Bath: Easy DIY Ideas
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a wooden board with different types of eggs on it and the names of each egg
the cover of worming livestock, with chickens and other animals eating from their feeders
Worming Livestock - The Most Effective Methods by Species
a person with a chicken on their head and the words how to raise friendly chickens
How to raise friendly chickens
How to raise friendly chickens that love ot be petted and picked up.
the words easy grow your own meal worms
How To Grow Mealworms For Chickens! (Raising Mealworms At Home) - The Hen's Loft
the soil is covered with worms and dirt
a chicken sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a fenced in area