Arte en las uñas con manicura francesa en violeta.

Image via Lovely Summer DIY Easy Nail Ideas for Women Image via Give your nails a marble effect by swirling two polishes together and rolling your nail over the edge of the spoon.

French with white glitter

Women are prettier because they look natural, whenever you apply a different makeup make sure it suits your skin tone. There is no point of plastering yourself .alles für den Gentleman - www.

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Nail art is still the most popular and most used cosmetic trend isn't it? All , woman or girls when have a new and good nail design

Un consejo inspirado diseño de la mariposa del arte del clavo francés.  Los colores azul bebé hacen maravillas con lo que el diseño de punta francesa parecen simples y limpias, las pequeñas y grandes mariposas pintadas en la parte superior también hacen buenos acentos en el diseño.

25 Butterfly Nail Art Ideas

A French tip inspired butterfly nail art design. The baby blue colors make wonders with making the French tip design look simple and clean, the small and big butterflies painted on top also make good accents to the design.

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You can now celebrate Valentine’s Day by adding red and silver glitters on your French tip. Add little hearts or create a big one and surround it with little diamonds for a more fabulous finish. When it comes to nails,… Continue Reading →