ivan david

ivan david

Bogotá  ·  Introduce un poco de anarquía, altera el orden establecido y todo se volverá caos. Soy un agente del caos. ¿te cuento una cosa sobre el caos?Es justo.
ivan david
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thoat john carter concept art illustration showing some character design created by digital artist michael kutsche for the movie made after the book john carter of mars directed by andrew stanton

mechaddiction:  “Expedition, Brian Sum on ArtStation – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/73887250116574059/  ”

Master of Sci fi worlds and Mechs, MassEffect concept artist: Brian Sum - Concept Art - Brian Sum is a Senior Concept Artist spanning a career of over 10 years with Bioware in the video games industry in Montreal, Canada. Previous Brian h.


Rod emergence Concept Art by Paris, FRANCE based artist Roméo. Jonathan has experience in both and as well as mixed media. His fantasy and Sci-Fi art is really fantastic. More Digital Art by Roméo Jonathan Gift nasta… Continue Reading →