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the packaging design is designed to look like an origami bird
MUT TET - Packaging Design
MUT TET - Packaging Design on Behance
an open box with several different designs on it
Packaging & Label Design Services - Fiverr
two boxes with gold and black designs on the front, one has an eagle in it
three bags with different designs on them, one is pink and the other is blue
Native Body & Skin packaging
two bottles of wine with an image of a man's face on the label
Wine Label Design by Artwork of Stefano Borella - art Illustration in Graphic Design
a black and gold gift box with an intricate design on the front, inside it
送禮最佳!中秋月餅禮盒率先看 - she.com
a green box with gold designs on it
伊莉维尔2019年端午包装设计|平面|包装|will张文辉 - 原创作品
伊莉维尔2019年端午包装设计|平面|包装|will张文辉 - 原创作品 - 站酷 (ZCOOL)
an assortment of cookies and crackers on a black table with a blue box in the background
Dance of the Moon and Clouds, K11 X Yuen Kee Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Box. By Joe Wong Design Company. mooncake one paper one world joe wong design corporate gift proudlyhongkong postalk fingerart modern chinese paper art GBA paperminiature hong kong design culture made in hong kong asian artist Hong Kong, Quilling, Chinese Paper, Paper Artist, Paper Design, Paper Artwork, Paper Cut Art
Joe Wong | Paper Artist | K11 X Yuen Kee Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Box, Dance of the Moon and Clouds
an image of the back side of a teapot with flowers on it, and two images
Marco Polo Mooncake Packaging Design
Marco Polo Mooncake Packaging Design on Behance
four different views of the inside of a red and black box with designs on it
天仁喫茶賞 (Ten Ren Cha for Tea Gift Box)
an open blue box with gold designs on the outside and inside, sitting on a table
Hilton Hanoi Opera Mooncake 2020
an empty box with two different labels on it
f64f80e0b692e07c4acad0bd724ddfeb.jpg | Are.na