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a bathroom with white marble walls and flooring, gold fixtures on the shower head
The Marble Enclave: A Serene Sanctuary Bathroom
Here is a space that speaks to those who find solace in the serene. The shower area, encased in glass and marble, is a tranquil retreat designed to soothe the senses. The rainfall showerhead, a golden disk above, offers a downpour of warmth, reminiscent of a sunlit rain. The niche shelves, lit from within, transform everyday toiletries into displays of elegance. The continuity of marble from floor to ceiling encapsulates timeless design ideas that cater to a luxurious, spa-like experience.
a bathroom with tiled walls and shelves filled with soaps, lotions and plants
Stylish and Practical Shower Niche Ideas for Your Bathroom
Elevate your bathroom design with our creative shower niche ideas. From sleek built-in shelves to eye-catching recessed designs, discover how to add both style and functionality to your shower space. #HooSpeak #Vanchier #BathroomDesign #HomeImprovement #InteriorDesign
there is a shelf in the bathroom with soap, toothbrush and lotion
25 Beautiful Shower Niche Ideas for Your Master Bathroom — DESIGNED
25 Beautiful Shower Niche Ideas for Your Master Bathroom — DESIGNED
a baby's room decorated in pink, blue and white with a teddy bear on the crib
Lila's Chevron Nursery
window shot
a baby's room with pink, yellow and green chevrons on the wall
Chevron - Curated by Kirtsy
two stuffed animals sitting in front of a window with drapes and curtains behind them
New Fabric Collection: LuLu DK CHILD
a child's room with a tree painted on the wall
75 Kids' Room Ideas You'll Love - June, 2024
cute for play room